Skin is, at the most obvious physical level, the layer that separates the “self” from the “other”.

Separation is a condition inherent to the human experience ; and simultaneously so is interdependence.

So while skin is our natural boundary that holds our insides together and separates and protects us from…

“That’s a nice stick,” I told my neighbour Andrea, on my way to the forest. She was on her way back, wielding a lovely stick cloaked in lichen. It was Saturday evening, and we shared that feeling of being in the kitchen at a party.

A sense of lucidity and…

Eczema was always my warning signal — it still is. But I had to learn, over many years and a lot of work, to befriend these warnings rather than resent them.

Resentment, avoidance and pushing down of the signals my body was sending me only served to perpetuate the cycle…

I first started writing this in October 2019, aware of the role that ‘preventative injections’ (from hereon referred to as V due to heavy censorship) would have to play in the evolution of humanity. At the time it did not feel relevant or pressing enough to share my perspective on…

It is getting harder in all directions
It’s harder to speak
And harder to stay silent
Being pressed into corners
To maintain the cooling body of a worn world structure

Covering everything in plastic
Our faces in plastic
Breathing old air
Bleaching our palms
Murdering microbiome
Inhibiting the natural immunity we develop through interaction
Interacting instead…

The words white privilege and white supremacy are being thrown around a lot without a proper inquiry into what the language actually means. We are like children mimicking big words that sound clever without understanding the connotations. …

Japanese culture is rich with ancestral worship. Shinto is the indigenous, animist tradition that no doubt arose spontaneously across the country in accordance with respective needs in respective communities. This form of worship is the thread and crux of *all* indigenous religion for a reason. It is borne of relationship…

Kate Kinoshita

weaving the threads of ancestral cosmic wisdom

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